Upgrade your wellness reimbursement program to include mental health


If you’re reading this, you probably offer a fitness or wellness reimbursement program that lets employees reimburse a certain amount each year for expenses ranging from gym memberships to massages to athletic gear. This is a great perk, but it can become a better loved and used benefit if you expand it to cover expenses for mental health.

Kip gives you an easy way to expand your current wellness program to include support for mental health and well-being. It requires no upfront cost and fits within your current program and existing budget.

Statistics show that 20% of your employees are dealing with a mental health issue caused by stress, life circumstances, anxiety, or depression at a given time. For these employees, they may prefer and get more out of spending their wellness dollars on mental health programs like therapy.  Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness when it comes to employee health, performance, and engagement, so it makes sense to have a wellness reimbursement program that reflects this.

Partner with Kip to get employees high quality therapy and help them save money by maximizing existing benefit programs

A wellness budget that includes mental health activities is an especially helpful perk in cities like San Francisco, where the best therapists often don’t take insurance.  Here are steps employees can take to save the most money on therapy by using Kip along with their employer-sponsored programs.

Step 1: Partner with Kip to get discounts on therapy
We’ll give your employees a unique promo code that gives them a discount on their first session. Employees pay for sessions upfront, then follow steps to get reimbursed. No upfront costs to you; we simply ask that you email your employees about the Kip promotion (we’ll give you a template email).

Step 2: First, submit claims to health insurance
Employees submit their Kip bills as out-of-network claims. By doing this step before using other employer-sponsored programs, they make sure the full bill goes toward the out-of-network deductible, so they hit the deductible faster. The insurance plan should cover a portion of each Kip session fee after the deductible is met. We partner with Better, an app that saves employees the time and hassle of submitting claims.

Step 3: Then, get money from employer supported programs for what insurance doesn’t cover
Your employee can use their HSA, FSA, and/or wellness reimbursement budget to cover whatever amount isn’t covered by insurance.

An extra $50-150/month from your company’s wellness reimbursement budget can be the difference in making quality, convenient therapy an accessible option for employees. We encourage you to expand your budget and work with us to get your employees access to the highest quality therapy experience in the Bay Area.